Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone!

With Earth Day falling on a Monday (April 22nd) this year, we’re hoping everyone can celebrate an Earth Week. To celebrate Earth Week, we suggest attempting to one of these activities below each day of the week:

  1. Alternative Transport - If you drive to work, take a day this week to bike/bus/walk to work.
  2. Immerse yourself in the urban wilderness - When walking in your neighborhood, try taking a path you haven’t traveled. Unplug from the phone and listen for birds and watch for signs of wilderness as you walk. Maybe you’ll discover a new park! In my first week of practicing an awareness for the nature in urban environments, I noticed a fox!
  3. Eco-Upgrade - Treat yo’self! Take a day to look through the house and see what might be in need of an Eco-Upgrade. Easy targets could be incandescent bulbs, or maybe you deserve that energy efficient appliance!
  4. Reduce the energy - Take a quicker shower or skip showering entirely (yes, be lazy)! Cut the lights earlier at night!
  5. Plant a tree - Go to your neighborhood nursery and pick out a leafy, green, carbon capturing friend. Love and nourish your newfound friend by planting him in your backyard!
  6. Volunteer - Go volunteer your time with a local organization such as the Surfrider Foundation to clean up the environment! No time to volunteer? Pledge to pick up three pieces of trash outdoors!
  7. Upcycle - Before you throw away that pasta sauce bottle, think of a way to upcycle. Jars can be fitted with LED lights, and old shirts bound for the trash can be cut and used as cleaning rags.
  8. Connect with Nature - Go hike, camp, surf, etc. Immerse yourself with nature and appreciate the value it provides to our soul, community, and overall lives.
  9. Use those reusable bags - Its 2019, and if you don’t have a reusable grocery bag, you need to get on it. If you’re one of those folks with reusable bags which can’t seem to bring them to the grocery store. This is your week to start!
  10. Tell a friend - Have a friend join you as you celebrate Earth Day. The Earth is made of billions of people, and we can’t restore our Earth without collective effort!

Show us on our social media, just how you’re using this week to get down!